AUGUST 3, 2015 
Did I mention I was getting married? No! Oh dear lol where shall I start ok here goes (I’m giggling to myself right now because I can remember it like it was yesterday and it’s not a pretty sight but don’t worry I’ll show you) 
I was 19 in this year (yes I know your doing the maths that means I’m cough cough years old now) I was getting married to the man of my dreams not mentioning any names here but he was blond, tall, fairly good looking and clearly fancied the pants off me (who wouldn’t I mean have you seen me? See I told you I thought I was funny lol) anyway…….. we were getting married on my 20th birthday 1st huge mistake of many! I’d chosen coral not peach, coral bridesmaid dresses for my 2 big girls and then a smaller one for my little niece who’s now my big niece, they were cotton typical 90’s dresses with puffy short sleeves, tea length and really ‘with it’ (I did warn you lol) my girls were completely different sizes one was an 8 and one a 14 equivalent now of a 2 and a 10 probably, size never even entered my head at the time I just chose the dress I loved for them and that was it. Then it was my turn so off I went with my mum and dad in tow (dad was paying and I wanted him there anyway), again size wasn’t an issue I was a 12 and dress after dress fitted me no problems, this wasn’t hard it was easy I had soooooo much choice well as long as I wanted puffy sleeves and well you know the rest lol after all it was the 90’s. I eventually chose the first gown I tried on (much to mum and dads disgust lol after trawling 20 different stores) it was a Laura Ashley cotton ballgown with long lace sleeves and sweetheart neck it matched the bridesmaids perfectly if it was shorter now I swear it would fly off the shelf it was classic timeless and elegant. 
Size! Shmize! What’s all the fuss about? It wasn’t an issue then so is it an issue now or is it all in our heads? 
See now you understand why I was giggling 
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